Themed Sensory Bins

Here are the themed sensory bins I’m using each month. You can see what materials I’m using (and even get links to the materials) to make each bin for yourself. You can find a list of my themes here.

Ways to Use Sensory Bins in Speech & Language Treatment

  • As a regulation tool: To do this you just let the child play in the sensory bin.
  • Hide minis: I love the Speech Tree Co speech Sound Boxes for working on articulation/phonology and they’re easy to add to a sensory bin. The kids can then say things like, “An elephant doesn’t belong in space” while taking the items out of the bin. You can also act out scenes with the minis to target language. For example, you can pretend the elephant ate some of the pom-pom stars to target ate or add 2 geese to the bin if you’re targeting irregular plurals.
  • Hide cards: Most of my cards don’t fit into the sensory bin so they’re easy for kids to find, but they’re usually very motivated to get the cards out of the way so they can play in the bin. I use this with irregular past-tense flashcards, irregular plural flashcards, and minimal pair cards.








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Here are some ideas for using animal miniatures in speech & Language treatment

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