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Amy M. Schulz, MS, CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist & Owner


Mrs. Amy is a nationally-certified Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) with licenses in New Mexico, California, and Maryland.  Her various work experiences culminated in opening Speech Language A to Z, LLC, in 2016.  These relevant experiences began when she took a preschool teaching class while still attending high school.  From there she volunteered for the New Mexico Preschool for the Deaf, worked as a laboratory assistant in the University of New Mexico’s (UNM) Molecular Genetics & Microbiology Department, and worked as a graphic designer at UNM’s Daily Lobo while helping with in-home childcare before completing her undergraduate degree.  She worked as a Speech Language Pathology Apprentice at San Felipe Pueblo Elementary School before starting graduate school and working as a library aide in UNM’s Department of Speech & Hearing Sciences. After completing her Master’s degree Mrs. Amy worked as a Speech-Language Pathologist at UNM’s Center for Development and Disability, Kidpower Therapy Associates, and then Albuquerque Public Schools (APS).  When not enjoying her work she enjoys spending time with her dogs, family, and friends, reading mystery novels, solving escape rooms, and playing various card-, board-, and video-games. 

The Latest from Mrs. Amy’s Blog, “The Imperfect SLP”

You can find the rest of the blog here.


Speech Therapy Dog

Zooey is a Basset Hound, Great Pyrenees, Husky, and Black Lab mix who was adopted by the Schulz family in 2015.  In 2018 she began her training as a speech therapy dog.  Since then “work” has become her favorite word and she often tries to sneak into Mrs. Amy’s car so she can go to work more often.

Zooey is trained to help Mrs. Amy in her job by giving children things to talk about (by opening dog puzzles or even just snoring), searching for treats that children hide (while following directions), and demonstrating social skills (like thinking a treat will be where she saw a child hide it because her eyes were hidden when the child moved it).

When not enjoying her work Zooey enjoys rolling in grass, chasing birds, and playing with, chasing, and digging with her best friend, who is a Jack Russell Terrier named “Pogo.” 

Graduate Student Clinicians (TBA)

Master’s degrees in Speech-Language Pathology require students to treat and evaluate patients under supervision of an experienced SLP. Mrs. Amy likes to give back to the program that provided her with training and education by supervising graduate-level students from UNM’s Department of Speech & Hearing Sciences. This also allows her the opportunity to refresh her techniques while providing patients with a new communication partner.

Here are some treatment ideas for graduate student clinicians: