February’s Theme: Self-Care

With Valentine’s Day, “Galentine’s Day,” and Saint Dwynwen’s day all around February most people think of “love” as a theme for this month (here are my other monthly themes). I wanted to use “self-care,” instead, because it’s the way we show love to ourselves and it enables us to show love to others! A couple years ago I learned about using hot chocolate breaths as a regulation tool: since I love hot chocolate and regulation I decided to embed it into my “self-care” theme for February!

When I read about “self-care” it seems a lot of people think it’s about make-up and facials. In reality, “self-care” is about doing the things that make us the most regulated: this includes eating a healthy diet (and avoiding any food allergies/sensitives if you’re like me), getting enough sleep (and maintaining a strict sleep/wake schedule if you’re like me), exercising, and learning to recognize, label, and honor the messages our primitive brain sends us through emotions. I incorporate self-care into my practice every month, but I thought I’d take this month to write about it.

Here are some ways that I’m incorporating “self-care” into my practice this month…

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And here are some ways I incorporate “self-care” into my practice every month…

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