My Favorite Self-Care Ideas for SLPs

As a part of Mental Wellness Month I wanted to share my favorite self-care ideas. “Self-care” is a hot topic these days, but I often find myself debating about what it really is. Sometimes I relate it to regulation so that I think of self-care as “doing things that keep me at my most regulated, like avoiding foods that make me sick.” This helps me differentiate it from “self-indulgence,” which would be “treating myself to that delicious and healthful egg-white omelet,” (which would make me sick since I have a sensitivity to egg whites). But as much as “self-care” can be about self-discipline, it can also be about “Treating Yo’self!” such as using a canceled appointment spot to read part of a novel.

With that in mind, here are my favorite ideas for us SLPs balancing “self-indulgence” and “self-discipline”…

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