Receptive Language with Animal-Assisted Intervention

These sorting bowls really come in handy for receptive langauge!

I met my first therapy dog when I was volunteering at the New Mexico Preschool for the Deaf – the dog was named Jackson and he belonged to one of the audiologists at the preschool. This started my interest in using a therapy dog in my future treatment.

To learn the basics about therapy dogs and animal-assisted intervention in speech-language pathology visit my original post here.

Once you have the basics you can start thinking about using AAI for receptive langauge skills.

AAI receptive langauge activities are as varied as receptive langauge goals. When working on single-step directions I set out color sorting bowls and tell the patient which bowl to put each treat into. When working on prepositions I hold Zooey’s collar while telling the child where to put each bowl (“…on the chair” or “…under the table”). When working on multiple-step directions I do either the sorting bowl or preposition activity (or mix both) in steps. I can do the same for temporal directions (“Before you put a treat in the red bow, put the bowl under the table”) or conditional directions (“If Zooey has blue eyes then put a treat in the red bowl”).

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