Using Toca Life World in Speech & Language Treatment

I started using Toca Life World when all my appointments were still on telehealth (until I got my first round of COVID shots). A year later I have patients who still request it during in-person appointments. This open-ended video game is packed with things to explore and it’s really useful for speech and langauge treatment.

I first learned about this app years ago when I read a blog about using it with contextual techniques. At the time I had a couple patients who had memorized the social scenes cards I was using and I thought Toca Life World would be a perfect way to create novel social scenes without too much time and effort! Since I got the app I’ve found lots of other uses for it. Here are some ideas complete with tutorial videos!

Here are some more ideas for following directions.

Here are some more ideas for addressing articulation in play-based activities.

Here are some more ideas for working on narratives.

Here are some more ideas for irregular plural nouns.

Here are more of my favorite activities for addressing irregular past-tense verbs.

And here are some more ideas for working on social skills.