Pragmatic Language & Social Inferencing with Disney Shorts

For a lot of kids who are learning to navigate our highly-social world, some of the most advanced skills are inferencing others’ wants, needs, thoughts, and relationships. When I worked in a clinic with lots of people around I had lots of opportunities to practice these skills while using the people around us as examples. Since I became a solo provider this has become much more difficult. Disney shorts have become one of the easiest ways to target these skills and they work well for telehealth, too!

To do this I play the video and pause it during key moments so that I can ask social inferencing questions like, ”What is she thinking?” ”How do they know each other?” ”What does he want?” or ”What would she say if she used words?”

Each week I choose a new short video to use and watch it before any appointments to prepare my questions and answers.

Here’s my growing list of pragmatic language questions and answers for Disney shorts.

Here are some more ideas for using Disney shorts in speech & langauge treatment.

And here are some more ideas for working on social skills.