FREE app: Multiple Timers for Advanced Conversational Turn-Taking

For my patients who have mastered conversation trains I’ve been using this FREE app. I involve the kids in making their timer – they get to choose the timer’s color and symbol. This helps them see which timer is theirs and keeps them motivated to participate. One tap on a timer starts it, a second tap pauses/stops it, and a double-tap resets it. I’m finding that 30 seconds is the right time for the two patients I’m currently using this technique with and that I needed to add my own timer so I can occasionally do things like interrupt Zooey as she’s talking and say things like, “I wonder what Jane’s favorite balloon is” to cue her to ask Jane. When working with patients in-person I’ll whisper these requests so that they other patient doesn’t answer the question before the question is even asked, but I’ve yet to find a telehealth service that allows me to mute myself to specific patients. If the patients are able to read I’ll type the prompt (“I wonder…” “Ask Jane…” or I’ll even message Zooey with a script such as, “Jane, what’s your favorite balloon?” depending on whether the patient is able to read the prompt silently then read selected parts aloud) in the chat section on Doxy.

Here are some more ideas for working on social skills.