FREE Spinners for Articulation/Phonology

Drill is my least favorite technique and I think it’s the least favorite for my patients, too. But it can be so effective, especially when working on /r/! I’m constantly looking for new and fun ways to drill and I found this free spinner app. Some of my patients love the spinner!

Each spinner I’ve made has 10 words for each placement (initial, medial, final, and blends). After a child says their word/sentence I have them click on the “hide slice” button so it won’t pop up again. Bonus: it gives the kids a visual for how many more words/sentences they need to say!

Here’s the spinner for /r/

Here’s a spinner for “th”

Here’s a spinner for /l/

Here’s a spinner for /s/

And here are some more ideas for addressing articulation in play-based activities.

I’ve also made these spinners for Candy Land and Sorry so that I can use the easy-to-disinfect iPads instead of the cards that came with the board games.

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