Following Directions with Recipes in Toca Life World

In case you don’t know: Toca Life World is a FREE app that many of the children I work with love. Here’s the link for the android version of Toca Life World and here’s the link for the iPad version. When I use it for following directions I give my in-person patients one of my iPads with Toca Life World on it and then tell them what to do (mostly in single-step, but with some 2-step directions, too). For the kids who are online I can show them what I’m doing in my game (or hide my screen to make the directions more challenging) and have them follow the steps on their own version of the game (on a phone or iPad).

One of my favorite parts of Toca Life World is the recipes – there are so many! I found this nifty list with many recipes that can be made with the FREE version. To make something you simply place one item on top of the other either on the floor or in a character’s hand. Here’s a modified version of the same list with the recipes unavailable in the free version left out:

Here are some more ideas for using Toca Life World in speech and language treatment.