Review: Too Loud App⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Volume modulation is a common struggle for those with ADHD. I’ve found the best way to address it is with in-the-moment feedback from an outside source. The Too Loud app is my favorite way to accomplish this. This app is FREE and is customizable enough to change the sensitivity and dampening levels. I find that my office is so quiet (yay!) that I have to turn both down to 0%.

Here are the customizable settings in Too Loud.

You can pay $5.99 to remove ads and customize the background and other features of the app, but I haven’t felt the need.

Here you can see all the customizable options if you pay for the full version of the app.

When using the app I have to tell kids that if they “break the glass” more than 3 times then they lose all their points (they usually get 100 each day if they complete all their work) and/or can’t get a small prize at the end of the appointment.

This is what the screen looks like when the child is so loud that it “breaks the glass.”

This app is the most effective thing I’ve found for kids who have trouble modulating their volume, regardless of whether they have ADHD. It also eliminates any debate with children about “how loud is too loud?” and takes the pressure off me to figure out the answer to that question.