Irregular Past-Tense Verbs with Disney Shorts

As a private practice provider, I believe a huge part of my focus on functional skills is helping children use age-expected speech and langauge skills during conversation. For many of my patients, this means we work on them using correct grammar during conversation.

To work on conversational grammar with Disney short videos I periodically pause the video and ask the child, “What happened?” If the child gives me a grammatically-correct utterance (“Jack Jack grew”) then we play more of the video. If they make a grammatical error (“Jack Jack growed“) then I’ll repeat what they said as a question with emphasis on the error word (“Wait – is it ‘growed’?”). If they’re not able to fix their error I’ll give them choices (“Is it grew or growed?”).

I find the hardest target to work on for this is irregular past-tense verbs so I made a list of irregular past-tense verb targets for my favorite Disney shorts.

Here are some more ideas for working on irregular past-tense verbs.

And here are some more ideas for using Disney shorts in speech and language treatment.