Following Directions with Toca Kitchen Monsters

Toca Kitchen Monsters is another FREE app from Toca Boca. It’s another fun way to address following directions during a naturalistic/play-based activity.

In this game you pull the left side of the screen over to get various foods and the right side of the screen to find ways to prepare the foods.

You can use this app for single-step directions (“Feed the monster the lemon” or even “Feed the monster the yellow one”), 2-step directions (“Get a lemon and cut it up”), multiple-step directions (“Get a lemon, blend it, add salt, then feed it to the monster”), temporal directions (“Feed him the lemon before you feed him the mushroom”), quantitative directions (“Feed him all the fruits”), or even conditional directions (“If you’re wearing blue then feed him the lemon”).

Note: I like to use the broccoli for the blue monster and the tomato, lemon, or steak for the brown monster because they won’t eat these foods until they’ve been cooked.

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