NEW Quiet Tent (with old star light)

About half of my patients have outgrown my old quiet tent so I got a new one. This tent is both bigger so that the bigger kids can fit in it, and it’s also a bit darker so it works well for kids who need a bit of a “womb space” to help themselves regulate. I also got this giant cushion to put inside for the older kids (and myself).

Since the new tent doesn’t have windows it’s a bit harder to use for social skills (for example: working on greetings by hiding out of sight of the kid and then popping back into sight and saying “hello,” then saying “bye bye” before I move it out of sight again), but it’s equally as easy to use for following directions (such as telling the child to put a small toy in/on/under/behind/in front of the tent).

I still have this nightlight, which has a remote so that kids can use it as a cause-and-effect toy or even follow directions when I tell them which color to press. The kids still love it and I love that it’s so easy to disinfect!

This remote-controlled night light is proving to be both fun and functional! It’s great for working on following directions such as “blue” to request the child pushes the blue button or even “First blue, then red” to work on 2-step directions.

Here are some more of my favorite Zones of Regulation tools.

And here are my space-themed treatment materials for May.