UPDATED Candy Land Spinner!

Who doesn’t love a spinner?! It reminds me of the episode of “The Office” where Pam makes a spinner for the office chores, then has to make a whole game out of it (but sneaks a tiny chore spinner into the game). Best of all: it’s disinfect-able (which is important to me when I have kids sneezing on everything, regardless of whether it’s just allergies) and easier to manage than the cards that come with the game (my kids kept folding mine).

I had my old candy land game for 7 years. Then one of my kids folded it in the wrong direction and snapped it in half. Now that I have a new one I needed to make a new spinner. The only problem is that there aren’t emojis for “peppermint” or “gumdrop” so those spots don’t get used.

Click here to get your copy of this FREE spinner.

You can also find my old spinners here.