FREE Multi-Step Directions Game: Donkey Hodie™ Froyo Stand

One of my patients requested we play the “Donkey Hodie Froyo Stand” game during their reward/choose time. I was blown away to realize: “This is a GREAT multi-step directions game!” It’s FREE, it can be played on the iPad’s PBS Kids app, the android PBS Kids app, or even on the website! This means parents can use it for homework between appointments. I love that the game gives visuals for each step, which is recommended for helping children who are struggling due to ADHD or Down Syndrome.

The only down-side is that it goes from 3-steps to 6-steps incredibly fast and there’s no way to change that (other than re-starting the game once it gets too hard). Despite this down-side, I’m already seeing patients making progress with it!

I even included it on my virtual treatment room for November since I like to include any food-related games and videos for the holidays.