How to Screenshare an iPad

I had a terrible realization when I bought a tablet for work: most SLP apps are for iPad! I’d say around 95%! Maybe it just feels that way.

For in-person appointments that’s fine now that I own an iPad, but what about telepractice/telehealth/online appointments? Since 50% of my families continue to request online appointments and 8% will need them indefinitely (while they wait on waiting lists in other states) this continues to be a consideration for me.

I’ve been using Easy Cast for this, but the app is no longer available in the apple store! I’ll always prefer it since it allows me to zoom in on slides and photos (while AirPlay doesn’t), but you can still use AirPlay and apple’s built-in mirroring app. Here’s how to do it…

Step 1: Download AirPlay Screen Mirroring Receiver on your PC.

Here’s the AirPlay app in the Microsoft Store.

Step 2: Open AirPlay on your PC.

Step 2 (on your PC).

Step 3: Open the Screen Mirroring app on your iPad by swiping down from the top-right corner. You want the square box with 2 rectangles in it.

Step 3 (on your iPad).

Step 4: Once the list populates choose your destination device. Your iPad should then be visible on your PC.

Step 4 (on your iPad).

Step 5: Screenshare the AirPlay window from your telepractice website. I use Doxy and use the “window” option when screensharing.

Step 5 (on your PC).


This is what you’ll see. I can use the iPad and still have a clear view of the child’s mouth as he/she is speaking (usually – unless he/she slumps in the chair or covers his/her mouth). P.S. Zooey was wearing a superhero mask because it was Superhero spirit week.
This is what your patient will see.

I have a lot of SLP-specific apps, but I end up using my SLP materials in my Google Drive more frequently and naturalistic play-based apps the most frequently.

My Most Frequently Used Apps