FREE Conversation Cocoa Slideshow

For my patients who master the conversation trains I switch to multi-timers. Once they master the multi-timers I start using this FREE conversation hot cocoa slideshow – this shows them how many turns they’re taking compared to their peer or me. I start by showing them the first slide, which has ideas for conversation on them. A patient gets to choose a topic. Then I switch to the second slide (in edit mode so they can see my changes) and they each get to choose their marshmallow color. Sometimes they need help getting started, but then I move a marshmallow into the mug for each sentence each person (including me) says. We each have an equal amount of marshmallows so the kids can see if they’re using more or fewer than their peer. If they run out of marshmallows, but try to take another turn I’ll say, “Oh, no – you’re out of marshmallows! That means it’s Jane’s turn.”

This visual could also be easily translated for in-person appointments by using a REAL mug and giving the kids different colors of REAL marshmallows (or pom-poms). Then you can dump the mug at the end and have the kids count how many of each color was in it.

Here are some more ideas for working on social skills.