PBS Kids Games App Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Since I got a couple of iPads for my practice a couple of years ago I’ve been using the PBS Kids Games app. I never cease to be amazed by this app. It’s completely FREE, though you need to download each game (within the app) before you play it. I started using it as a reward/choose time app, which allowed me to find apps to use during treatment.

This Pinkalicious game is great for emotion inferencing, narrative creation, and narrative retell (especially when combined with a Pinkalicious book)!


  • FREE!
  • So many games!
  • Lots of games that can be used in treatment such as the Donkey Hodie™ FroYo Stand for following multi-step directions (see below) and the Pinkcredible Story Maker (also available online) for narrative creation/retell and/or emotion inferencing (you can see how I used Toca Life World for social inferencing to get an idea for how I use the Pinkalicious game).
  • Easy to incorporate kids’ interests.


  • The app takes up so much space on my iPads!
  • We can’t modify any of the settings on the apps so they’re harder to use as naturalistic activities for treatment.

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