COVID-19 Response

With the sudden and extreme spike in COVID-19 cases (and it being mirrored at Albuquerque Public Schools) we’re moving all possible in-person appointments back to online until our county gets back down to the “very high risk” range of new cases. This means we’ll be seeing 40% of our patients in-person (rather than 60%), which will help to keep our patients who are under 5 (and, therefore, unable to vaccinate or complete appointments online) safer.
Ineligible patients are under the age of 5.
We found this great visual a on a website. What a great reminder that we each have different circumstances, experiences, and priorities and we’re each doing the best we can during this “storm.”
We will continue to implement our PPE protocols (including telehealth and disinfecting between appointments) with patients as long as they remain unvaccinated and will not require a vaccine as long as we’re allowed to.
You can find more information about the data for children’s vaccines here.
Parents who are ready for their child to receive the COVID-19 vaccine can register here.
If you would like to switch your child’s appointments to in-person after they’re vaccinated please let your provider know.