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Speech & Language Therapy

Speech & Language A to Z, LLC, offers speech and language intervention (AKA speech therapy) to help children improve communication skills, use language, understand language, use and understand social communication, use speech sounds, and use fluent speech.

I strongly believe in using therapeutic techniques that best match each child.  But I use a couple primary techniques with most of my clients.  These include:

  • Positive reinforcement – The children I work with earn rewards for their hard work.
  • Naturalistic activities –  I prefer activities that mimic everyday life (games, play, conversation, book reading).  These activities are not only more fun for the children I work with, but kids are more likely to use the skills they’re practicing in everyday life.
  • Neurological development of emotions and behavior – I prefer to address behaviors and emotional moments with brain development in mind. No one can learn when they’re too hungry, tired, sick, or emotional.  I incorporate techniques from the book No-Drama Discipline into my everyday practice.
  • Choices – All people enjoy having control in their lives – even children!  The children I work with cannot choose which skills they’re working on, but they can choose the activities they practice them in, how many times they practice, and whether they practice at all.  I also believe in the logical consequence of these choices; If a child doesn’t practice then he/she doesn’t earn rewards.  It’s my experience that giving children choices such as these increases participation, decreases emotional outbursts,  and increases a sense of responsibility.  This technique is from two of the books from my reference list: Parenting with Love and Logic and The Whole Brain Child.

Contact me for more information or to schedule an evaluation.

Duration: weekly 45-minute sessions.

Cost: dependent on insurance’s specialist co-payment or $80 for out-of-pocket pay.