“How to SLP”

How I Prepare for Each Teletherapy Appointment

I use Chrome for my teletherapy website, which is Doxy, and any other websites I use while seeing patients.  This usually just includes Google Keep, but I also might use my Electronic Medical Records (EMR) website, TheraPlatform, when talking to parents or patients about goals, co-payments, or our schedule. 

Here’s what my Chrome looks like when I open it.

I use Firefox for anything I share to the screen.  Over there I set my virtual therapy room as my home page. (More on my virtual therapy room next week).

Here’s what my FireFox looks like when I open it.

I open each page I’m using in the appointment in a new tab. I arrange my tabs in order from right-to-left.  I don’t always stick to this order, depending on how the appointment goes. I use my virtual therapy room as my last tab for the patients to use for “choose time” to reward them for all their hard work.

Right-clicking a link in FireFox will open the option for opening a link in a new tab.

Then I get rid of all the extra visuals that we don’t need for therapy by clicking on Firefox’s drop-down menu, then clicking on the arrows pointing out, which will hide the tabs.

Displaying the site in “full screen” hides the web address, tabs, and buttons.
This is what the site looks like without the address, tabs, or buttons.

Once the patient checks in and we have a quick chat about how their day is going I use the “Screenshare” feature in Doxy. 

Here’s what my appointment looked like with my Speech Therapy Dog, Zooey. Like many of my patients, she attended the appointment with her sister.

Doxy has 3 choices for sharing screens – you can share your entire screen (which includes the desktop and taskbar), an application window (and all the tabs in it), or a tab in the application you’re signed in on (Chrome, in my case).  I choose the “application window” and then click on Firefox.

You can see my FireFox window on the top-right of the choices.

So that this is what the patient sees – no tabs, no extra information. 

As a note, I also have my computer set up so that the sound from Chrome (so my patients’ voices) go to my headset and the sound from FireFox goes through the speakers (so the patients can hear it). If I remember how I did that I’ll post a tutorial on that, too. ?